Posted on September 10th, 2012


Shlomit Dror ’06 Curates a Show

In Her Eyes: Women Behind and in Front of the Camera
Opens September 12, 2012 at the Newark Museum in Newark, NJ

Lalla Essaydi, Converging Territories #9, 2003

This exhibition, curated by Shlomit Dror ’06, features photographs by women who examine female identity in their work. Representing a wide range of styles and interpretations, the images on view suggest an intimate collaboration between artist and sitter. The photographs also evoke a range of ideas related to acts of veiling, masquerade and role-play.  Drawn from the Newark Museum’s collection, many of these works have never before been on view. Artists include both historical and contemporary practitioners such as Cindy Sherman, Sally Mann, Dorothea Lange, Lalla Essaydi and Ana Mendieta.

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